Investing in People

Quality education is key to Michigan’s success. As a parent of school-aged children, I care about education funding and policy in Michigan. I will fight for: 

  • 0-5 Early childhood investments
  • Safe, healthy school environments
  • Increased per-pupil spending and equitable funding for students across Michigan
  • Protecting affordability for college and technical skill programs

Health & Wellness for All

Michigan’s Legislature doesn’t need to sit idly by as the national health care debate unfolds. I will work to:

  • ​Ensure continued accountability for top quality veterans care in Grand Rapids
  • Protect citizens from escalating prescription drug prices
  • Protect health coverage for all, especially the most vulnerable
  • Improve Michigan's mental health system

Equal Access to Economic Opportunity

Michigan can leap-frog our Midwest neighbors by building thriving local economies that invest in the best of Michigan. We must accelerate workers and entrepreneurs, building loyalty among them to grow their jobs and businesses in this state. I will help activate Michigan's economy by:

  • Accellerating the adoption of living wages
  • Prioritizing locally owned business investment with a focus on minority entrepreneurship
  • Protect and support our community's ability to define benefits from local development projects

A Grand River and Great Lakes

Michigan is blessed to be surrounded by the world’s largest surface freshwater system on earth. We have a special responsibility to lead in efforts to protect the Great Lakes, which are our state’s greatest natural resource. Failing to do so will be at our own peril — the loss of thousands of jobs, a massive hit to our state economy, and an unimaginable toll for our state’s people and natural beauty. I will protect our aquatic assets by:

  • Investing in safe and smart infrastructure 
  • Fighting for sustainable & clean groundwater supplies
  • Protecting our globally unique lakes and shorelines and activating our rivers