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Voter contact is critical to successful campaigns and the majority of that occurs going door to door.

Ward Captain

Leads precinct captains within ward to organize walks, coordinate volunteers, disburse materials, and communicate between campaign manager and precinct captains.

Precinct Captain

Leads precinct, organize walks, recruits volunteer team, and hits the streets.


Have a random Saturday morning or Tuesday evening and you want to go to door? We’re flexible and appreciate your willingness to get involved.

Make Phone Calls

We will provide you a phone, list, and script - you just need to make the calls.


Reminding guests of a fundraiser, driving turnout to an event, or other calls leading up to important dates.


Connect with identified lower-tier voters with the goal of making an ask and collecting donations.

Connect with Voters

We have identified “super voters” in the district. Help us connect with them by making phone calls, outlining our campaign, discussing Rachel’s issues, and scheduling follow ups.

Assist at Events

Welcome, table, help hosts, photos,

Assist in the Office

This is for those of you who may not feel comfortable going door to door or making calls. There will always be times we need things printed, organized, folded and stuffed, picked up or dropped off, or whatever else may pop up.


Maybe you just want to open your home or business and let the campaign team take care of all the logistics. Or maybe you enjoy event planning and want to handle everything. Perhaps something in-between? Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or house party, you have the full support of Team Hood.

Host a Fundraiser

Fundraiser hosts can open up their home, organization and/or business and invite friends to join for a suggested donation price; the suggested price can range from $25.00 - $2,500.00 depending on the audience). Our team can lead you through the logistics, help create an invite list and more, to ensure that you are a comfortable and successful fundraiser host. Let’s face it, until we achieve comprehensive campaign finance reform, money is still candidate’s biggest need.

Host a House Party

Organize a group of 10+ people to join you and Rachel for a casual house party. This intimate setting allows for conversation, questions, and an opportunity to get guests involved in the campaign as volunteers and/or donors.



Let us use your name on our website, social media, letters, literature, and wherever else it may be useful.

Social Champion

As a part of our rapid response team, we will share with you first when we have an important message we need to reach the masses. If you’re always looking for crucial posts to share, this is for you.